Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Barcelona On the Road to be the New UEFA Champions

Hi all,

Plz dont start thinking that this blog will contain posts on football only.
Am not able to think of any topic, so just trying to kill time by writing a new blog on the match that i saw yesterday night.

I must say it was worth being awake till 2.45 am.
Barca played well and won the match 2-0
Benefica were under pressure from the start, maybe coz they were playing an away match.
It's really tough for any team to play Barcelona @ their home gorund and Benefica was no exception.

They(Barca) were really hunting for the goals from the start.
But they had to wait till the 16th min of the match for their firat goal.
When Eto'o made a cross from the right wing towards the center, where Larson n Ronaldniho were waiting for the ball.
Larson faked as if he's gonna hit it and let the ball go thru to Ronaldniho, and he(Ronaldniho) doesn't miss any goal from that close distance.
He hit the first nail in Benefica's coffin, the other & the FINAL nail was hit by Eto'o.
It(the goal) came in the dying minutes of the game, when Benefica was trying very hard to get the equalizer and after the second goal they knew it was the end of the road for them.

When the ref blew his whistle to indicate the full time 2-0 it was.

A hard fought game it was till the end.
Better Luck next time Benefica.

In the other quaterfinal that was played simultaneously Arsenal drew with Juventus, but won on aggregate 2-0. For a change Juventus was playing like an EPL team and Arsenal was playing like an Italian team. A pathetic match i must say.
Except for Pavel Nedved(frm Juventus) who played hard for his team n in the end had to leave the field with a Red card.
One of the worst matches played this year. i will require atleast 2 more posts to describe the match, but no am not gonna do tht, i want to forget it as soon as possible.

Neways EPL fans Arsenal is in the Semi's :)


mattu said...

Hail Barca!!!
See i told ya....
they'll do well :)

Party ho jaye...
although i know nuthin of all this
but still :)

Kurt said...

Barca is having a good time n they are making the most it, so there's nuthing gr8 abt it.

I have alweyz said "May the Best Team Win!!!"

Wht do u say?
Arsenal/Barca/AC Milan/Inter
(mattu even u can cast ur vote)

HP said...

Yep.. Me too saw the match. And again my view that Barca will not be the top team that it is now without Ronaldinho got more stronger.
Btw, Ronaldinho missed a penalty and Benefica never looked like lost souls in the big league. Would have loved Chelsea to play them and thrash them!! But Alas...

Still, my bet would be on Arsenal or AC Milan lifting the trophy

And yes Vinod, you are right the Juventus/Arsenal match should never be shown again on TV :-)


HP said...


" Benefica never looked like lost souls in the big league."

I meant they looked like lost souls in the big league. And that Chelsea should have played Barca ..
But surely, next year the trophy is ours..


Kurt said...


Yeah i really hope that Chelsea shld lift the UEFA Championship next year.

I guess it been a long time, i have never seen them win a European Cup.

But my bet is on Barcelona u cannot rule them out completely, coz the way they are playing they look unbeatable.

Snehal said...

Hey Barca rulz.!!!!!!!!
Dint see the match coz the result was a forgone conclusion.
Neways Juventus ne gandi h** di(Hindi waali).

Hey I had a glimpse of some of the highlights. Nedved was his usual self(Goal keeper ke haath seka raha tha)Wot a pity to be sent off. He has been very unlucky regarding this matter though. Either being sent off or being suspended or missing the match altogether due to injury.

BTW My vote goes for Barca .They're players r on song. Also change the phrase "May the best team win" to "May barcelona win" coz Barca is THE best team

As Mattu rightly said Hail Barca.

HP said...


Still my bets on Milan/Arsenal...