Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Soft Target 'Mr.Sallu'

Hi all,

Am glad to announce that this is OFFICIALLY my first 'NON-Football' blog.
This blog is just a small thought that had crossed my mind a few minutes back, so thought to write it down.

As all of you might be aware of that Salman Khan was sentenced for 5 years of imprisonment.The news is being flashed everywhere, every news channel is showing footages of Salman being taken away n things related to it.....
Meanwhile Salman's mother has been hospitalized after she heard about her son's arrest.

My Viewpoint on the Issue:

Yeah!!! I know, that Salman had killed two of the 'Endangered Species', but the point is just because he's a big star people are trying to get into the limelight by projecting him as a brutal cold blooded murderer. Every single person is trying to get something for them by getting involved in this issue.
My point is that there are so many 'Endangered species' being killed by common people :

  • Tribe’s kill animals for their daily needs(for Roti n Kapdha).
  • Villagers kill animals(Yes the 'Endangered species') for their monetary benefits.
  • In some parts of the country 'people' are murdered in broad daylight.

All these go un-noticed. I mean there should be an equal punishment for all, be it Salman/a nomad/a villager.

I feel the 5 year sentence is a bit too harsh.
A one year sentence and a heavy fine would have been enough...
Am not supporting Salman for his immoral act, but i feel he's being made a scapegoat for no reason.

I think that stardom is like a double edged sword n tht's the way it is.......


mattu said...

u're damn right dude, this is true dat jus becoz fame has a heavy price to pay.But on the other side(althouh am a sallu fan)...i think he deserves to b taught a lesson...a change has been triggered ...it shd start wid him, n then slowly ppl like manu sharma(yeah jessica lal murderer) shd b hanged till death.

Snehal said...

well i have to take a leaf out ur book and update my blog regularly.
A late after lunch discussion as ur post.!!!Nice one.

I agree with u that salman is bein made a scapegoat.The others involved in the same case and ppl who are involved in simalr cases like this are goin scot free.Just bcoz he has this image of an enfant terrible but he's bein targetted. Like they say when u are down and out everybody wants to screw you.(I read this on a T-shirt)

Ok just bein a celebrity doesnt mean that he shud be let off .A punishment is needed so that it serves as a deterrent for others but the punishment was a bit harsh.

Also the amount publicity that this case is generating is pathetic.This news has outshone all other topics be it on the news channel ,news papers ,....Only the description of the type of mosquitoes that hav been troubling him is remaining .Sicka bloddy.

I agree wid u that stardom has turned out to be a double -edged sword for Sallu

Snehal said...

Another case of double standards.
A person who killed a black buck goes to jail whereas a person who killed a lady is roaming scotfree.
Ok it is a atart but a bit too harsh i must say.(my opinion though)
Agree with the punishment though (for Manu Sharma)

Let a black buck screw these ppl.

Kurt said...


Thats where i hate the system. They will not catch ppl who kill ppl in broad daylight, but will make a big issue of a small thing.
I know tht Salman deserved some punishment, but 5 yrs is just a bit hard on him.

Abhi said...

Well .. punishment is needed for such inhuman acts.One cannot go hunting just for his fun.. trying his luck at those beautiful animals that compose this universe.

yeah !! i agree to the fact that the punishment that Salman is sentenced to has crossed some borders due to stardom.

Kurt said...


I agree with you that this world belongs to every creature living on it.
But the question still remains, as pointed out by Snehal, that y are other culprits roaming scot free.

Btw just 4 the records,
Salman shot the Black Bucks in 1998.It took them 8 yrs to get him behind the bars.
If he would have been sentenced then by now he would have been out of the jail.

Just a thought :)

HP said...

First of all we need to understand why there is punishment in this world. If I am not wrong, it is to discourage that particular person from doing that act again. Or to stop that person from doing that act again. The real reason punishment exists is to reform that person through various means,viz. through shame and denial to follow normal life for a particular period. But maily shame. Period.

And I am no big fan of Salman. Infact, I believe he should have been put behind bars when his first movie "Biwi Ho to aisi" was released. And after "Hello Brother", I seriously thought of filing a PIL to protect us from such mental terriorists. :-)

Seriously, now, what does anyone gain by putting Salman in jail for 5 years. Does that mean by putting him in jail for 5 years will make a Salman the next Gandhiji. Or for that matter, if he was sentenced to just 4 years, then he would not have been totally reformed. I mean what is the system going to gain by putting the filmstar in jail, other than great publicity.

Definitely, an example need to made of Salman. But, not necessarily by putting him in jail. He should be asked to apologise on national televsion for this act and fined heavily, say 3-5 crores. And as someone suggested, that money could be used for the enhancement of wildlife.
As shown a few months back, there are virtually very few tigers existing in the forests of India because of large scale poaching. Wonder why no one's heart bled at that time and how many politicians are behind bars currently!!

Sometimes, the system sucks and it sucks big time!!


HP said...

And by the above rant, no one should conclude that I am not in favour of punishment to Salman. Infact, I am. But, just that putting him behind bars is not going to work(except, if you are Ash or Viveik).

Since, he is a star, the punishment should have been more radical.
And, there should be more safegards at different levels so that no such activity is replicated by other individuals.

I have more thoughts on this topic. but, I have already eaten up a lot of space in Vinod's blog.
So, tata for now.


Kurt said...


Thanks for ur valuable comments dude n
btw the name is Kurt n not Vinod OK.

Yes i completely agree with you that we shld have jailed him for 'Hello Brother', coz i am a victim of it. I saw tht movie First Day, First Show :(

Hey btw i know many stars who shld be jailed for torturing the public, the list is headed by our very own 'Ape-sar lead star MR. Serial Kisser hahhahahaha....


You can keep on commenting, i have no sapce crunch :)


mattu said...

okay listen now...read whtever...it starts with pple like sallu, n reaches manu sharma....pple need to understand dat law is nt in their hands.
I wud even go a step further n say/type that there shd b saudi laws(yes as i read frm d book princess) implemented in r society for heinious crimes like murders/rapes etc.So that they're never repeated, u know there r hardly ne murders in saudi?
Manu sharma wud've been shot in public by now.
I know am sounding a little ok a lot like a sadist ...(SAUDIst ;))rite nw but india ko sudharne ka ek hi tareeka hai...yes echoing Rang De Basanti.We can't b so patient any longer...

HP said...


Really, do you think such drastic laws are needed!!

Is our system fool-proof? Are you sure, the judicial process is entirely fair? And the adminstrative machinery is fair and unbiased? I doubt so and that is the reason, I am against capital punishment.

And as I said, we need to examine as to why punishment really exists?

An eye for an eye is going to make the whole world blind!!


mattu said...

Well said....yes the eye thingy, but well u c.......put urself in jessica lal's family's position,if this incident was fresh, u wud've wanted to kill manu sharma right away....how easy is it to forget?u think we shd let terrorists out on bails? there shd b no punishments fer them killing people? think again dude, tis easier said than done.

Kurt said...

# HP

Well said "an eye for an eye......"
But punishments are compulsory coz ppl need to be taught a lesson.

Neways lets hope things get better in this country.

HP said...

Well, yes when you are a victim of such things, you feel outraged enough to go beyond the basic human values. And I was not referring to the terriorists when I was talking about punishment for crimes comitted by ppl. I was referring to crimes committed by individuals(sometimes planned and sometimes unplanned).

But, again I ask you the same question. What is the motive behind punishment?
And whether our system is fair and honest enough that a innocent man will not be presecuted. I would rather see a guilty man being in jail for 10 years( means no death penalty) rather than see an innocnet going to death for a crime which he has not committed!!